Rena-Fi, Inc. Launches 18-week ADHD-Friendly Personal Finance Course this January

CHADD NorCal ADHD Financial Course

Dover, DE– Rena-Fi, Inc., an online behavioral finance platform, is excited to announce their new course coming in January. The course “ADHD-Friendly Personal Finance” will be split over an eighteen-week period and cover the areas in which most ADHDers struggle when it comes to personal finance, money management, and behavioral patterns holding them back. 

The Rena-Fi team has been working hard to produce content specifically geared towards the ADHD community and this course is the latest feature to be released for inclusion in their new year’s offering. “Considering that 62% of the people diagnosed with ADHD have significant financial stress, which leads to shortened life expectancies, relationship issues, and decreased life satisfaction, far more attention should be paid to it. Managing finances is one of the most neglected, yet crucial, aspects of remediating ADHD issues,” said Richard Webster, CEO and founder of Rena-Fi, Inc. 

The ADHD-Friendly Personal Finance course will be taught by Richard Webster, who brings nearly two decades of experience in the ADHD community.  Possessing an understanding borne from first-hand experience and broadened by years of study, Richard brings practical life strategies to the challenges of an ADHD life.

The course is set to cover topics such as goal setting, budgeting, actually getting started, keeping motivated, and much more. Each individual session will be offered live three times a week for Rena-Fi subscribers, followed with a Q&A session. 

Supplemental to the course will be Open Office Hours which are similar to college days when the professor was available outside of class to take additional clarifying questions to provide a bit more depth to your knowledge. In addition, subscribers will have access to one-on-one consultations, MasterMind groups, live events, and a robust resource library. 

Rena-Fi realizes there are a lot of different resources when it comes to managing ADHD, but there aren’t many that address the impact ADHD has on finances.  There are even fewer that teach money management skills that actually work for those with ADHD. Rena-Fi provides a wide variety of ADHD-friendly resources and support systems to help bridge the gap between a subscriber’s current financial situation and the financial future they envision for themselves.

For more information on Rena-Fi, Inc. and to signup to make 2020 your Year of Change, visit their website at

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