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Tell Us Who Helps YOU!

Help create our database of AD/HD Specialists by contributing your favorites for your fellow CHADD Members.

Who Helps YOU?

Undoubtedly, the most frequent question to CHADD of Northern California is “Where can I find a doctor that is fully competent around AD/HD?” And we usually have an answer in terms of doctors that other CHADD members have used and received positive results.

Send us an e-mail and let us know who you see, or have seen in the past, that you found very helpful. It does not have to be limited to prescribing doctors. We also get requests for psychotherapists, coaches, organizers, educational therapists, advocates, and many other specialists that can help with AD/HD related issues. We want to hear about them all.

Of course if you have a “warning off” message about someone that was not helpful, that can be of use too. We are only likely to note it if we hear the same thing from several people in order to avoid the chance that we are spreading a rumor about an aberrant interaction. Mostly we want to know who we can spread the positive word about to new CHADD members as they begin seeking help.

CHADD works because caring people reach out to those who are coming behind them in this journey. It is our hope that many of you will be able to give to those newer members now.

You can send suggestions of favorite professionals and also request a list of three professionals via our Contact form. Please include as much contact information about the recommended person as you can.