Giving Back to CHADD

Thanks for Your Tax-Deductible Donation!!!

To help CHADD financially, there are several ways to do so. We thank you in advance, as it makes a big difference in what CHADD can do for you and others.

Your donation will be used where it is most needed, or there are several specialty funds that you can support, which may address specific areas you care most about.

Your donation to CHADD’s Matt Cohen Scholarship Fund can rescue a family. Every year, CHADD is able to provide a limited number of annual memberships to applicants in dire need of national and local CHADD services, information and support, but who cannot afford to join. Every tax-deductible donation of $53 will make a one-year hardship membership possible.

The CHADD Research Fund provides small grants or seed money to support Research Fellows, doctoral students and/or developing scientists conducting original research on AD/HD.

More personally, if you want to make a memorial donation in memory of a deceased family member or friend, CHADD will send a letter to that individual’s family acknowledging your thoughtful donation.

If you want to make a tribute donation to recognize a family member, friend or other person, CHADD will send a letter to that individual acknowledging your thoughtful donation. With either a memorial or tribute donation, you will also receive a letter from CHADD confirming that your donation has been received and that the honored individual has been contacted.

There are also some creative ways to give, which may not involve directly writing a check.

With the vehicle donation program, there is an easy way to take a tax deduction on the car, truck, RV or boat you’ve been wanting to trade, sell, remove or donate to a nonprofit charity and help CHADD at the same time. Through the CHADD national program with the “National Car Donation Processing Center” (Car Program LLP), all of the work is done for you at no charge and you get a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Additionally, you can designate CHADD of Northern California to receive a rebate of a portion of the net proceeds once the sale is completed which helps us substantially to move our local programs forward. Indicate the full CHADD Chapter name and number when making your donation: “CHADD of Northern California 504.” Make your donation by telephoning CHADD at (800) 233-4050.

Complete details and an on-line application are also available through the National Car Donation Center web site at (look for CHADD in their listing of charities).

Sometimes your workplace can increase the leverage of your donation. A workplace payroll-giving pledge or direct gift to CHADD through the United Way, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) or other employee deduction program is an excellent way to support CHADD’s work on behalf of people and families impacted by Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD).

The enrollment period for CFC — like many United Way, corporate, state, municipal and corporate campaigns — begins in early September and runs through November. Please remember to use CHADD’s CFC No. 2555 when enrolling for the Combined Federal Campaign, which is for federal civilian employees and members of the Armed Forces.

For United Way and other workplace programs, you will in most cases have to write in on the campaign pledge cards the CHADD name and mailing address:

4601 Presidents Drive, Suite 300
Landover, MD 20706
Telephone: 301-306-7070

Another sophisticated option is planned giving. Through planned giving, a donor includes a charitable gift in an overall financial, tax and estate-planning program so as to maximize benefits to both the donor and CHADD as a charitable organization. Planned gifts usually come from a donor’s assets rather than income, and can be either outright or deferred. It is recommended that donors consult with their own tax or legal advisors prior to making a planned gift.

Planned gifts can include a gift by will, a gift by insurance, a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled-income fund. The National office can assist with this type of donation.

For cash gifts, have ready your

  • Contact information (name, address, phone)
  • Credit card number and expiration date
  • If honorary or memorial donation, provide the name and contact information of honoree or deceased person’s family.

Your gift to CHADD will help the association fulfill its mission of improving the lives of people affected by Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. CHADD is an IRS approved, nonprofit, tax-exempt, Section 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, and donations are tax deductible under the provisions of the IRS Code.

Thank You!