FreeCycling To Clear Your Clutter

– Lew Mills, PhD

One of the most difficult parts of getting rid of things is worrying about things going to waste. What if you could connect directly with somebody you knew was going to use your discarded items? Here’s how to unload your clutter, or capitalize on somebody else unloading theirs.

“FreeCycling” is a grassroots movement to connect donors and seekers of items not valuable enough to warrant a big garage sale, but too good to toss out or clog the landfill with.

FreeCyclers post e-mail messages with items “offered” and those who would like the item generally arrange to pick it up. You can also post for items “wanted”, although the spirit of freecycling suggests that you should be sharing your castoffs too, to benefit everyone.

Here is how the San Francisco group describes itself: “The goal of the San Francisco Freecycle Network is to reduce waste by connecting individuals who are throwing away goods with others who are seeking them. The mission of the Freecycle Network includes keeping good stuff out of landfills while helping to foster a local gifting community.”

You can find a group for your area by searching this page of Bay Area FreeCycling groups.