The Gift

By Tim Battaglia

The Boy is eight years old when he is told “You have a gift.”

The Gift is an enigma…there were no instructions, no label of contents, no parameters.

As time went on the gift slowly revealed itself. At times it gave the boy insight and joy at the things it revealed. At other times it seemed to interfere with his desire to know what it is to be human. It was in fact a challenge…a narrow but very powerful conduit through which he would view his world.

He was surrounded by others. They did not understand his Gift. Sometimes they knew he had it, but had no idea of what abilities it gave him. Some feared it. When he would meet the others, many times they would see him as friendly and interesting, yet different. To some of the others he was tedious and even a little strange.

He would ask himself over and over…How am I different? The others could not help, they had no way to see or measure the Gift. They only saw fleeting glimpses of it’s power.

The boy grew to be a man as most boys do, but for this now young man things were still quite puzzling. He was ever the outsider. Sometimes wishing to fit in, and sometimes knowing that he did not want to give up the Gift in exchange for the company of the others.

He role-played many lives and lifestyles… trying them on one by one. None of them seemed to fit although some gave him great satisfaction because he had the chance put the Gift to good use.

Each of these roles and paths that he tried taught him more of what the Gift was, how it worked, and what it’s power was.

After many years he found himself in a major challenge. He knew once again that he had come to a turning point. He had done this many times but this one was different. With the knowledge and experience gained from working with the Gift and closely watching the others, he finally found an answer…

The Gift is his life…