Medication: Ways to Lower Costs

Compare costs between local pharmacies

You may call a pharmacy and ask for the price of a specific prescription. Also, you may ask if there is a cheaper generic form available.

Tablet Splitting:

When 2 tablet sizes of a medication cost about the same, splitting the larger size saves money.

For example: Zoloft, an anti-depressant, may cost about $2.69 per tablet for the 50mg and 100mg size tablets, so splitting can save 50%.

Ask your physician/pharmacist if your medication can be safely split. Enteric coated and unscored extended-release tablets should not be split. It is best to split medication one tablet at a time and use the second half for the next dose. Pharmacies sell pill-splitting devices. (source, The Medical Letter, vol 46: 1195, Nov 8/04.)

Canadian Internet Pharmacies

Medication is generally a lot cheaper in Canada. Buying meds from Canada is “illegal” according to the federal government but is not enforced. There are now several state governments buying medication from Canada.

Controlled substances/medications are not available via Internet, such as Ritalin or Dexedrine. Also, medication brand names may vary between the US and Canada. Try both the generic and brand name when searching.

Ask your psychiatrist for medication samples, especially when trying a new medication that may not work for you.

Low-cost or Free Medication Programs

Some drug companies supply low-cost or free medication to persons who meet their low-income program requirements. Your doctor will have to fill out some forms.

See these websites to see if you might qualify: