You Can Be in Research!

by Lew Mills, PhD, MFT (revised 9/1/2003)

We all know that we don’t know enough about ADHD. But how do you suppose we find out more? As much as I enjoy the schmooze-around-the-support-group method of discovering more about ADHD, it never substitutes for what we can learn from rigorous research. One of CHADD’s principle commitments is to evidence-based science about what ADHD is and how to treat it most effectively. Where would we be without research?

But did you know that you can help out at this research level? Many ADHD investigators are looking for “subjects” for their studies. It is not so “guinea pig”-like as you might think. Sometimes there is a reward! Other times there is some information that you will learn about yourself or your family member from participating. There may also be treatments for you at no cost. Always there is the satisfaction of helping move science forward in this important area.

CHADD frequently gets asked to help recruit volunteers, and since we support this activity, we are happy to do so. The National website has research studies from other areas or that you can participate in by long distance.