Professional Resources

CHADD of Northern California is NOT a referral service for physicians, coaches, therapists, or other ADHD professionals.

However, CHADD of Northern California does maintain a database of professionals who assist CHADD members seeking diagnosis, treatment, support or advocacy around AD/HD issues. Each member may receive up to three contact names at any one time.

It is important that you understand that CHADD does NOT make endorsements. The professional referral list is simply a LIST of professionals. CHADD of Northern California does not and cannot vouch for the quality of services that they may provide, nor the experience that you may have with them, nor their fitness for, nor expertise in, providing any services whatsoever.

Before asking for Professional Contacts, please do the following:

  1. Go to a CHADD Support Group to educate yourself about what ADHD is and isn’t, the various treatment options available, and to get personal recommendations from other members about professional help that you may be seeking. These “people connections” will aid in your search and self-education. Look at the calendar to find a group near you. (If there are no support groups in your area, continue to step 2.)

    The reason we say this is because simply “finding a doctor” is not necessarily the be all and end all that people often think it would be. If you don’t have a good understanding of what ADHD is and isn’t, you’re likely to either waste time and money with an unknowledgeable doctor, get misdiagnosed with another ailment (or not diagnosed at all), be given the wrong medication, not be given proper instructions on how to take the medication, or worse. And it is simply a fact that many professionals, even those who say they know a lot about ADHD, often don’t.

    This is why it is so important to come to meetings to discuss and learn about ADHD so that you can be an advocate in your treatment and get the help you need. And while at a meeting you can ask other members for their personal recommendations for doctors, therapists, coaches, etc.
  2. Become a Member of CHADD.
    • Membership is required in order to receive the professional referrals.
    • We can sometimes make an exception in case of hardship. If this is the case, please explain your circumstances.
  3. Only after reading steps 1 and 2, complete the request for professional resource form by clicking here.
    • Include the member name under which you registered and your member number, if you have it.
    • Include your geographic area.
    • Tell us what kind of provider you seek (examples: a medical doctor who can prescribe medications, someone to do an assessment, a therapist, etc).
    • Specify if this is for a child, teenager or adult.

Listings of Low Fee, Medi-Cal and Medicare Providers do not require membership, though you may still want to consider the student/hardship membership if available.

The National Office of CHADD also has a Directory of Professional Members.

If you are a Professional interested in being on the list, also send a message using our contact form.

If you would like to recommend YOUR favorite, visit Your Favorites.