Volunteering With CHADD

CHADD cannot happen without the help of many volunteers. What if there had been no volunteers the first time that you called?

CHADD is what YOU make happen! If you are ready to volunteer, please take a moment now to explain why volunteering for CHADD is important to you.
Here’s a general article about the benefits of volunteering.

Here are some volunteer tasks that need addressing now…Where do you see yourself fitting in?


  • Support Group Leaders, especially in:
  • San Joaquin County
  • Fresno, Merced, Madera
  • San Jose Area
  • San Francisco (for parents)
  • Parent to Parent Teachers to teach Family Training on AD/HD, throughout the Northern California area at Kaiser locations.

Highly Desirable:

    • Public Relations Coordinator
      • Submit support group meeting information to local newspapers and to associated mental health organizations, hospitals, doctors’ offices, etc.
      • Develop ways to educate the public on AD/HD
    • Provider/Research Coordinator
      • Collect information on low-fee and Medi-Cal providers specializing in AD/HD, and new programs that could be of interest to our members
    • Exhibit Table Coordinator
      • Handle exhibit table requests and registrations
      • Order materials, coordinate staff and assist as needed
      • Maintain log of tablings and any notes for future consideration
    • Bookstore Coordinator
      • Collect reviews of best AD/HD books, help organize them for the web page
    • Fundraising (experienced)
      • Help coordinate activities and raise funds to support our mission, programs and objectives
      • Help us to provide scholarships to those in need
    • Membership Coordinator
      • Intermediate knowledge of Excel
      • Maintain/distribute up-to-date membership reports
      • Communicate benefits of CHADD membership
    • Co-Coordinator for Parent to Parent Classes
      • Help organize classes, publish fliers and communicate upcoming classes
      • Find facilities for classes
      • Handle registrations and order materials
      • Contact interested parents

Found the job for you? Contact us via our Contact Form.

On Volunteering

Remember when you first contacted CHADD? More than likely, you were at your wit’s end, trying to find some information, looking for some support, or just attempting to get your hands around whatever it was you were up against. When you came to CHADD, there were folks who welcomed you and gave their best shot at helping you out.

Most of us who are involved with CHADD have more than an academic interest in AD/HD. We are concerned for our families, and we may have AD/HD ourselves. This does add stress to our lives! So, we do understand. We try to create volunteer tasks that you can do. For most jobs, you work as a part of a team. Jobs are small and manageable. Volunteer tasks take into account the fact that you may not be the master of a calendar, or that some days you are overwhelmed.

Regardless, there are ways for you to contribute. Can CHADD expect you to contribute when you have the ongoing stress of having a family member with AD/HD or even have it yourself? Well, if not us, then who? People from the “IRHTMT” (the “I Really Have Too Much Time” support organization) have not called CHADD to see how they can help. Very sad, but we do have recourse: CHADD members will make CHADD happen. We have been able to keep it going and growing this far, and despite our limitations, we can keep moving forward. You may find that it helps you to grow too.

Found the job for you? Contact us via our Contact Form.

3 Responses to Volunteering With CHADD

  1. Lizette Guzman says:

    I am interested in leading a group in Modesto or Turlock. I am not a parent, but a social worker/clinician. I would love this volunteer opportunity. Please contact me at the email address provided or at 209-241-9274.

    Thank you.

  2. Regi says:

    Hi I’m Regi, adult with severe ADHD my whole life. I may not have any money and am super poor, but I see that my area needs a support group. I’d be more than happy to help in any way possible.
    We need to know there are others that we are not alone.

    • Rick says:


      Sorry for the delay in responding. Holidays and all. Yes, we’d love the help and volunteering is a very good step in remediating ADHD issues. Your first step would be to attend our meetings for a time so we can get to know each other. CHADDNorCal has a number of them. Check out our calendar. I personally facilitate the group we call “SF/WC Success Clinic.” Our meetings aren’t geographically centric in this new Zoom era. Pick a couple groups. Attend and participate. Stick with the groups you like, let the others go. Get to know us and we can talk about ways you can help. Best Regards, Rick

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